Another volcano is erupting in Iceland, with the ash spreading steadily Eastwards towards airports in Europe.
The end of the world was due on Saturday according to Harold Camping….but…..it didn’t actually happen. We’re mostly still kinda here!
So where is Reverend Camping now? Head stuck in an embarrassment of sack cloth and ashes, or merely in another Biblical B plan?
I’m curious as to what gives anyone the authority and bravado to announce the collective end of the world on a particular date and time…Or is it just a collusion of delusion???
If I were Rev Camping I’d be beside myself with embarrassment…but I’m not…and so I can only speculate.
Here’s my take..for what it’s worth.
All of existence is in the balance at any given time.
Life isn’t "fair"… You could be the sweetest/kindest person, but shit could still happen..and you could be the meanest SOAB and still smelling the roses till you throw off this mortal coil.
Then you might come back as a king/queen….. or a cockroach.
What to do???
Say thankyou…or f…k you…and stay with the moment…( What do I know??!!)