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RIP Johnny Clegg… A man who truly represented his beliefs and principles. In defiance of the repugnant South African Apartheid system, as a white skinned man, Johnny continued to perform, record and celebrate life to the full with his black and brown skinned African brothers. He represented an ideal that so many of us yearn for – to live in a world free from racial prejudice, bigotry, hatred and injustice, where we might embrace, respect, and appreciate our differences rather than using them as pathetic excuses for hatred. At a time when polarising division seems to be creeping back into global attitudes and behaviours, where the term ‘Rainbow Nation’ starts to almost sound like a dream of forgotten folklore.. Those who knew him, loved him and were inspired by him. are mourning the significance of his passing.. We still believe in what he stood for and always will. Justice Freedom and Human Rights. A sad day indeed.

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