Today’s blog is going to be about the phenomena of Celebrity. Trust me..everything changed in the early 90’s. Up to that point, you rarely ever heard the damned word. It all really revved up with the development of internet downloading.
So many things changed at that point. The whole music industry turned into a completely different ball game. (I still can’t quite get my head around it, but then I’m a self confessed Luddite.)
In any case…It’s all about collusion..The collusion of music industry and fashion labels.The corporate sponsorship deals with brands..The perfume deals..The soap powder deals..The reality shows, The horrible talent shows with their stupid row of judges. The endless tide of corporate advertising…Everybody’s part of the feeding frenzy..The exhibitionists and the voyeurs…all making Faustian pacts with brand empires.
Now we’ve got pop moguls and tycoons..kings, queens, princes and princesses. Demi gods all. Our necks ache with the discomfort of gazing up towards their Truman Show pedestals.
I don’t know what it must feel like to be followed every day from airport to car to hotel to home to restaurant to high street.. Well..I’ve had a taste of it, and I truly hate it.
What’s it like to have been on the cover of papers and magazines every single day. What does that fish bowl feel like?
There’s no money worth losing your freedom or privacy for..but everybody’s rushing for the golden carrot.. And then..What are any of these guys famous for? What have they done? What do they contribute?
Are they raising the bar in any shape or form, these new emperors…????