Yesterday I wrote about my personal background in connection to apartheid and how I came to be an HIV/AIDS campaigner and activist, because some people who read my blog might not be aware of it still. What I do is nothing special. I’m not a hero/heroine …You don’t need to be heroic to make a contribution, you just do what you feel is right. Thank you for sending in so many thought provoking comments.
Today’s Nevergiveup Grandmother is Tenjiwe Madzinga, who writes..”My parents were not educated. I didn’t study much. I just went to the lower classes. Within one year, three of my children died. I didn’t even lose hope. I keep looking to Kathleen. Kathleen gave us soup, bread and clothes to sell. She suggested we separate into groups. Each grandmother had 10 grandmothers in a support group to strengthen us because HIV is killing us. I live with my grandchildren, seven of them. Now my one grandchild is in university replacing what I was longing for.”