Thank God for sunglasses!…I don’t know what we’d do without them. Any genuine rock star god /goddess would be like a shelled snail without the cover and protection of this wonderful invention.
When did people start wearing them like they wear blue jeans? If you think about it…they didn’t have sun glasses much in the olden days of yore… the Tudors, the Elizabethans, the Georgians even the Victorians didn’t seem to have cottoned on to wearing shades. Maybe there was less sun back then, or people were simply more light resistant?! In any case…Imagine the trauma of forgetting your shades as you step out of the limo, bare faced and blinking into the flash light of a horde of paparazzi. It’s enough to give you conjunctivitis, or post traumatic stress disorder. You know how ostriches must feel when they stick they’re heads in the sand, mistakenly believing that no one can see them?
Ps..My daughter thinks these ones are cool…That’s a first!