Some things are idiomatic.Take these two dugs for example.. ( dugs..not dogs!) What could be more synonymous with Scotland than two West Highland terriers and shortbread biscuit boxes ?! I always get a little bit nostalgic when I encounter them..These ones can be found in The National Portrait Gallery of Scotland.. They should have been featured in the exhibition area…not just in the gift shop! They are like Marilyn Monroe to Hollywood, or Elvis to Memphis. There was a Walkers biscuit factory in the little village near my grandparent’s house, so shortbread’s baked into my genes, if you’ll pardon the pun! There’s a ton of whiskey distilleries up there too…Probably the most enduring of Caledonia’s legacies…Along with Bagpipes,Tartan..Haggis..Porridge oats, Iron Brew, The Broons and Oor Willie..Which items are the most populist in your homeland? Write in and share.. It’s silly Sunday after all!