London is feeling very celebratory right now. The glorious sunny weather is certainly a major contribution, but also, there is bunting all over town and a general air of joy wherever you go.. As a youngster or oldster of almost six decades of age, I rather appreciate this, for all kinds of reasons. Firstly.. I’m immensely grateful to have lived in a war free zone, with the freedoms and privileges that come with a democratic system. I received free education
and health care.. which is not a given for millions of people. I had work opportunities and access to legal rights….so all in all I’m very grateful to have been born in the United Kingdom and would wish that more people could have access to the things that many of us take as a given." ps.. My perception of the Union Jack feels more inclusive at this point in time than it ever did before.. Less Jingoistic and far more about tolerance and diversity rather than imperialistic colonialist values. I’d like to think that we’ve evolved from the Empire of yore