I’ve been spending the last few days here in Washington DC, taking part in the 19th International AIDS Conference. It’s been twenty years since a conference of this kind has been held in the United States, but since President Obama lifted the travel ban, things have changed for the better. Twenty five thousand people have congregated to listen to talks, dialogue in conferences, exchange ideas and become re energised and refocused in their advocacy and  activism. People from all cultures and walks of life are here..from every  part of the world. HIV AIDS is a global phenomenon, and it couldn’t be more apparent than coming to this extraordinary gathering. I’m proud of all the activists and delegates who represent their own corner, and in doing so, are speaking up for the most marginalised, and the most in need.
My contribution has been in partnership with UNAIDS, and the wonderful Michel Sidibe, who masterminded and worked tirelessly to set last year’s  Global  Plan into action across 22 Sub Saharan African countries.
As a result, rates of infection are falling, and more women are getting access to life saving medication, and preventing their babies being born with HIV.
This is where my passion lies.  I want women and girls to have basic human rights everywhere in the world.
I wear my T shirt in solidarity with people who are living with HIV. Wherever I go to  campaign. HIV is  still stigmatised and in the closet…everywhere.
I’m going to the White House today..Let’s see if I can stand next to the President!