As an advocate and campaigner for HIV/Aids I’m blogging about Nevergiveup grandmothers not only out of respect and admiration, but because I’m trying to raise awareness and support.
It intrigues me to see how many people comment on my blogs. The numbers are often higher for posts about relatively inconsequential topics like “boiled eggs” and more than often they fade away when I’m commenting on human rights issues.
Famous reality show celebrities break up with her boyfriends… or have a new hair style or cellulite problems and it just seems to be so much more “sellable” than other forms of reality.
So thank you for taking the time to read or investigate GAPA – Grandmothers Against Poverty and AIDS … I really appreciate it.
Goldie Qayiya writes..
“My son Phumie died when he was struck by lightening in the Eastern Cape. His brother and his sister died of Aids so we have one child left. I was so thin for mourning for my children, when my neighbour said I must come to GAPA.
Now things are good. My grandson Nqaba loves to play the keyboard and his sister is a singer. They sing in our home. We are happy.” Check out her You Tube piece on