I visited the Holocaust memorial in Berlin last year. It was profoundly affecting. This is how it looks outside, but you actually have to go beneath ground level to gain entrance. It was created on a piece of land that was once formerly in the Eastern sector..before the wall was taken down. The Tourists performed in Berlin in the seventies, and I still vividly remember the feeling of driving on the autobhan, and passing through the checkpoints, with army guards everywhere. You’d walk around the city, and suddenly the wall would just cut through the street in front of you, so you felt trapped like a small creature in a sinister concrete labyrnth. So many people must have so many stories to tell, of loss and survival, and despair and hope, and grief and celebration.

This gentleman followed me around at every turn, so I turned the tables on him and took his picture, which made him blush. You can see that he looks very red in the face, and he’s laughing because he really wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do next.