This year so far I’ve seenThe Artist .. The Descendants, and The Iron Lady at my two favourite local cinemas, and I’d recommend any one of these three films…or let me be more specific..I’d heartily recommend all three!!!!
I’m thrilled at the fact that "The Artist" even exists..It’s a black and white silent film for gawd’s sakes!! How the hell do you convince any studio finance person that that’s a great concept, and everyone’s going to love it???!!
A feat of genius, just for that achievement alone! It’s utterly charming/touching/ entertaining and, finally.. in the end…uplifting!!! What more could you look for, and actually find in a film!
The Descendants is achingly human. Just to witness George Clooney’s portrayal as a somewhat fragile/middle aged father of two petulant/angry/resentful teenage (and soon to be teenage) daughters, each one being forced to confront some very painful family issues, as the fabric of their connective home life falls apart at the seams, creates a kind of special poetry all to itself. I suddenly found myself in tears towards the end, which of itself deserves my own personal nomination for " Emotive Quotient of Excellence Award"…( I’m usually not the kind that’s THAT easily given over folks!)
And then…there’s the one and only Meryl Streep ..only..she’s not Meryl Streep..she’s Margaret..Thatcher!! One hundred per cent Margaret to a T for Thatcher! If you only go to witness Ms Streep’s singularly extraordinary performance, I urge you to witness how this actress of magnificence embodies the entire persona of an entirely different person!
Meryl doesn’t "become" Margaret…Meryl IS Margaret!!! THIS is acting at it’s most transporting! This is why I adore Ms Meryl…and why she has always stood out above the rest.