Christmas tree lights hang like spiders webs across Regent’s Street in London. Not quite sure that it feels like Christmas to me at this point. Last year it felt like Christmas all year, as I was working on the Cornucopia through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, so the theme was a continuum. Maybe if it snowed I might feel akin to something more festive, but right now, the spirit hasn’t taken hold.
If you happen to be in London, looking for Christmas spirit I recommend you take yourself off to Spitalfields in search of Dennis Severs house. It’s a very special place…something of a time warp. I went there yesterday, for the second time in two weeks.
The East End has changed so much over the decades that it seems like an entirely different universe. Giant glass and steel structures with fairy lights blowing in the wind aren’t that festive, but what else can you do in these modern times…? I guess. It probably wasn’t too festive in the 19th century either..given the conditions and lack of the conveniences that we’re all accustomed to. I’ve got my gas log fire burning brightly, and candles lit. Probably just need some mulled wine.
Hey Ho…off to start writing cards!