"This Christmas, Nordoff Robbins is raising money so that it can provide more music therapy sessions for those who unlike you and I, struggle every day to make themselves heard and to communicate their hopes, feelings and fears. Please take two minutes of your time to look at this inspirational film that I have made with Nordoff Robbins to see some of the life changing work that they do. Please donate as much as you possibly can to help Nordoff Robbins provide more life changing music therapy sessions for those that need it the most over this festive season." Annie Lennox

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Nordoff Robbins is a music therapy charity, dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults. They deliver over 50,000 music therapy sessions per year to people with a range of challenges such as autism, dementia, mental health problems, stroke, brain injury and life-threatening or terminal illnesses, such as cancer. All of these people have one uniting factor – music dramatically improves their quality of life.

They carry out our work in their own music therapy centres and units, in schools, day centres, hospitals and care homes and we collaborate with a number of partners including Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Music therapy is a specialist use of music to help people in many different ways – for some it has physical benefits, for others emotional or social ones and helps many to communicate. It can help people feel more motivated, social and self-confident. It gives people hope when times are rough.