Annie Lennox returns to the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday March 14 as part of Commonwealth Day events taking place on the day. Ms Lennox will address an audience on the Global Plan and the exciting development of the UNAIDS targets, particularly in relation to Preventing Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV.

Ms Lennox will be speaking in her capacity as Special Envoy of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), Scotland branch. Earlier in the day a Members’ Debate will also take place. The theme for Commonwealth Day 2012 is ‘Connecting Cultures’.

Scottish Parliament Presiding Officer, Tricia Marwick MSP said:

“Commonwealth Day is an opportunity for the Scottish Parliament to focus beyond our borders and draw attention to the connections that we have made across the globe.

“In celebrating Commonwealth Day, the Scottish Parliament also celebrates the role of democracy, seeking to advance knowledge and understanding of democratic principles through its participation.”

“I am delighted that Annie Lennox, as CPA Scotland’s Special Envoy, is here today to update us about her ongoing humanitarian work to reduce the scourge of HIV, particularly as it affects women and children in Africa. She is an inspirational campaigner who has brought passion and insight into the fight against HIV/AIDS. The Scottish Parliament is extremely proud of its association with her work.

“Our Members’ Debate also allows us to recognise the links we have forged within the Commonwealth and our support for the work of the CPA.”

The text of the Motion for members’ Debate is:

That the Parliament considers that the Commonwealth has a valuable role in strengthening relationships between nations across the world; welcomes the continued contribution of Scotland and its people to those relationships; reaffirms its support for the work of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA); notes that the CPA Scotland Branch and the Scottish Government have, as a key focus, continued to develop relationships with Malawi; notes Scotland’s longstanding links throughout the Commonwealth; acknowledges the work of organisations such as the British Council Scotland; notes that 2012 is also the Year of Creative Scotland, and therefore commends the theme of Commonwealth Day this year, Connecting Cultures.