June 2019

100,000 – 25 years!!! An extraordinary event worth sharing… So, I walked into ‘Thimble’ tailoring today, to have an alteration made.. After the usual taking measurements and pinning, I went to pick up my invoice, when the proprietor suddenly exclaimed – “Good news”! “What IS it”??? I responded. “ You are the hundred thousandth customer in our shop since we’ve been in business over the last twenty – five years”! We celebrated by taking a picture – at MY behest ( I might mention)! That’s a LOT of cutting shaping and sewing folks!!! Family business #Thimble #London


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Thank you so much for all the thousands of amazing responses to the little clip of my girl Lola’s version of ‘Waterfalls’! She was blown away! Yesterday was very special for several reasons – one of them is hugely significant in terms of global women’s rights – A historic treaty to end violence and harassment in the workplace was finally signed. CAMPAIGNING WORKS!!! So proud of every Global Feminist who have contributed to making it happen over the years! @careintuk #March4Women #ThisIsNotWorking #ILO100 #OneReasonWhyImAGlobalFeminist #Globalfeminism #thecirclengo


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