I wanted to share our Facebook demographics because I think it’s a fascinating overview of who and where my Friends are, and I thought you’d like to know, as much as I do!
You’ve sent in the most lovely comments, and it’s it’s kindof thrilling to get replies from as far as Hawaii to Poland!
I doubt that I’ll ever tour again because quite honestly…it just wears me out mentally and physically, and my back and left foot are rubbish.
In any case, I think I spent enough time waiting in cars, hotel rooms and dressing rooms for Godot to actually make a personal appearance.
In the future performers will tour by hologram on a regular basis…undoubtedly.
Meanwhile… Today I’m featuring an artist who has been "disappeared"..Ai Weiwei…love Annie
Article "Ai Weiwei confessing to crimes, says state-run newspaper"
Guardian Video "Ai Weiwei: ‘Life is never guaranteed to be safe"
TED Talk "Ai Weiwei detained. Here is his TED film"