Yea..the dirty old dishes in the kitchen sink..!
For some reason, I somehow prefer doing dishes by hand. And then for some other weird reason, I usually prefer doing other people’s dishes than my own. ( no wise crack invitations to have me come round your house puleeeze!)
Just imagine how many plates and bowls and forks and knives and pots and pans are scrubbed and rinsed and dried and put back on the shelves where they came from…EVERY SINGLE DAY!!
It’s a shlep, but somebody has to do it! many wonderful responses to the last few postings…I think I should start handing out certificates for the most interesting replies..truly.
Maybe I should start my own correspondence course, from which you can all graduate…!!
What is so particularly interesting is that everyone has so many different viewpoints, and each one is valid in it’s own way.
Carpe diem!

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