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Inter-agency project providing information and support services in the fight against HIV & AIDS

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Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), South Africa

SING awarded a three-year £300,000 grant to TAC in 2007 to support its HIV work in Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape.  Through this grant, SING has supported thousands of women to get anti-retroviral treatment and to remain on treatment.  TAC has also supported women and children living with and affected by HIV by linking them to government social grants.  

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Mothers2Mothers (M2M), South Africa

In 2010, SING awarded a three-year £200,000 grant to M2M. This provides services for prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV at over 600 sites in eastern and southern Africa. “Mentor mothers”, who have had treatment to prevent them transmitting HIV to their unborn babies, provide support for pregnant women with HIV to undergo treatment. 

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Theatre for a Change, Malawi

The Annie Lennox Foundation supports this project’s development of technical and vocational skills among vulnerable young women. This helps them to become economically independent and reduces the risk of them getting HIV.

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The Big Issue, Malawi

The Annie Lennox Foundation supports this project in Blantyre which provides ongoing support, practical training and social services to vulnerable people.

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Nwamitwa HIVprogramme, South Africa

SING has given a grant to provide a management team for the Nwamitwa HIV and AIDS Programme in Limpopo.   

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Open Arms, Malawi

SING provided funds for the building of a “transition home” for infants who have lost their mothers during childbirth, mainly as a result of an HIV-related illness. The children are cared for in the home until they can be returned to their family (usually a grandmother) or to the community through community fostering.

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Waverley Care, Scotland

SING funding has enabled the establishment of a women’s organisation called Network Alba.  This network offers one-to-one support, peer support, workshops and an internet forum.  Network Alba is playing a key role in reducing social isolation.

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Vrygrond Community Centre, South Africa

SING support enabled the Elton John AIDS Foundation to build a community centre in Vrygrond, about 80km from Cape Town.  The centre cares for children affected by HIV and AIDS and other vulnerable children and their caregivers. It also serves as a resource centre for the entire community in the struggle against AIDS and poverty. 

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Hearing Nelson Mandela describe the African HIV pandemic in 2003 as a genocide, with women and children as the frontline victims, was a turning point in Annie Lennox’s life. After seeing for herself how people were struggling to cope, Annie became an activist. And in 2007, she consolidated her work into the SING campaign.

SING is about advocacy and fundraising. It raises global awareness about the impact of HIV on women and children – particularly in South Africa, Malawi and the UK. This aims to promote global action on the issue. It provides financial support for organisations in these countries helping to ensure HIV-positive women and children have access to the treatment and care they need. This is especially important in order to reduce the transmission of HIV from mothers with HIV to their babies.  


The funds to make these grants come from money raised by Annie’s performances, income from the SING record and public donations to the campaign through the SING website. This adds up to over £1 million to date. Please take a moment to watch this short film http://youtu.be/3Yw1fKoaMc4


You can make a donation to SING direct at: www.annielennoxsing.com