We live in a paradoxical world…

Thousands of years after the Ice age  and the dinosaurs came
And went
The Homo Sapiens!
Are a mere blip on the surface of  all that  ever was 
And ever will be


I realise that my life embodies
 A nano second of a nano second .

Having been born randomly
 And miracullously
into my own circumstance…
(as we all all are)
I could be you/could be me..etc..

All the religions of the world
To represent
The absolute truth.
They have  absolute books to refer to…
 And the absolute  books
 Reveal  absolute  sacred doctrines
 Which  dispute the absolute sacred truths
 Against the other truth  books….

Oh..oh ..oh…
The darkest thing of all
For me
 Is that
 The most ancient/sacred and revered texts of  all time, have been used ( for time immemorial) to create dissent and endless disharmony between different creeds and cultures…..

When the  underlying message could be..and..
Should have been…



What is the use of any of these holy books….unless they engender these principle values ???

We need to examine whatever it is that makes it impossible for us
To respect the "other" perspective,
Without condemnation or retributive attacK
From both sides..

I have issue with any  authority that tells me that I should "hate" others…
"Hate" is a reductive "trait"…
Into the abyss…