This lady is very dear to my heart!
The late great Miss Jean Auchinachie..who ran children’s choirs in my hometown of Aberdeen for many years.
I was fortunate enough to be part of her Saturday morning choir when I was about 6 years old.. She was sweet, kind and encouraging and unknowingly, really played a massive part in my life story.. I would never have dreamed what singing would become for me.
She taught us how to listen, how to produce a better sound, to keep in time and how to be disciplined enough to perform on stage. I forgot the words of a solo I was given to perform at a Xmas concert in a big concert hall… pronouncing loudly- “ Miss Auchinachie.. I’ve forgotten the words”! wishing the ground would swallow me up. She wasn’t angry or berating – in contrast to some of the more waspish female teachers I experienced at school!
Thank you Miss A… 58 years down the line!