The Southern and East Africa Youth Conference on HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health rights for sustainable Development seeks to promote scientific excellence and inquiry, encourage individual and collective action, foster multi-sectoral dialogue and constructive debate, and reinforce accountability amongst all stakeholders focusing on youth, HIV and AIDS, Reproductive Health and Sustainable Development in the region. The conference will be held in Lilongwe the Capital City of Malawi from 6th to 8th June 2012 at cresta crossroads. The theme for the Conference is “Building capacities for HIV/AIDS and sexual reproductive health rights response through science, Technology and best practices”.

The broad objectives for the Conference are:
• Ensure effective and meaningful youth participation in international AIDS response and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

• Identify gaps and challenges in government policies in providing youth friendly HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights services towards 2015.

• Strengthen regional and country level strategic programmes for youth on HIV/AIDS, Sexual Reproductive health and Rights

• Identify and build the capacity of new and emerging youth leaders for the AIDS response to ensure sustainability of youth initiatives at the national, regional and international levels

• Sustain adult-youth partnerships and dialogue with Policy makers

• To strengthen the Southern and Eastern Africa youth network on HIV/AIDS, Sexual Reproductive Health and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

• To develop country specific youth alliances on HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

• Monitor issues of Reproductive Health Commodity Security in country specifics

• To establish funding mechanisms for regional and country youth networks.

• Monitor government and donor commitments to youth on HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

Conference Sessions will focus on the latest issues in HIV science, policy and practice and will also seek to share key research findings, lessons learned, best practices, as well as identify gaps in knowledge. The conference will feature abstract-driven sessions, a daily plenary session, a variety of symposia group discussion sessions. In addition, the conference programme will include a number of programme activities, such as the discussion forums, exhibitions which are an integral aspect of the SEYCOHAIDS Conference For more information on the conference go to