The Power of Words…" Funny old thing "words"..We use them all the time. They’re everywhere, and all around us. The sounds of the letters conspire to give them meaning and make them come alive. We’re  complex creatures, us human beans, not like the birdies, who seem to chatter away in an enigmatic birdy language for which I have no true understanding, but each cheep and trill might have a specific meaning, for all I know! As a song writer, letters, words, meanings, subtexts, melody, rhythm, and rhyme are all part of the tapestry of songs. We use words intuitively, intellectually, poetically, evocatively, emotionally and provocatively…with subtle skill and nuance or screaming outrage. And what we say cannot be unsaid, once it has been uttered or recorded. We can praise or condemn..Support or attack..Prevent or facilitate. We can go to war, or make peace..As the  Bee Gees once said.."It’s only words "..