I promise that I’m going to get off the subject of teeth and sweets, but before I do I thought you might appreciate the blend of cake and flowers!
As you know, I really love the latter, and try to resist the former!
Your responses to yesterday’s blog were brilliant! I feel really sorry for us all now !! I had no idea that other people shared the same experiences..Of course I thought I was the ONLY one who suffered like that!
But I can assure you that my dentists memories pale in comparison to the tonsil story.
I used to suffer constantly from colds and flu and..tonsillitis, so it was decided that I needed to have my tonsils removed. As incentive to go through with the operation I was bribed with the promise of lots and lots of ice cream to eat afterwards.
So I agreed… naturally, and was sent to Stracathro children’s hospital outside Aberdeen. The name stills fills me with dread. Here it is in picture, still resonant with the energy of frightened children.
That’s the wretched place where my tonsils were taken out. I felt so violated and betrayed that I even refused to have the damned ice cream.