Thank you for your wonderful responses to my flea market blog, which was actually going to be entitled ….Lord Jesus Among the Teaspoons.
If I get a moment, I’d like to collate all your market tips, so that if ever I’m in New Zealand or San Diego, I’ll know where I can hang out for good times!
I love my blog, and I read everything on it, even if I can’t reply to questions…( not enough hours in the day).
I’ve just realised that we actually have a great opportunity to share some interesting things from people in every corner of the world…so, I’m going to be asking you questions, just for fun.
My question today is…
Do you know your family tree, and how far back does it go? ie..How much do you know about your roots? Do you know the names of your great grandparents? What t did they do, and where did they come from?
And as you’re going to be sharing something of your past with me, I’m going to share something from my past with you, with a little video.
Hope you enjoy!

Click here to watch the video