Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. There are other Thanksgiving Days around the world at different times of the year, but it’s worth taking time to consider "gratitude" at any time date or place.
The capacity to be "grateful" actually offers us an opportunity to acknowledge the things we might otherwise tend to take for granted.
Nothing is a given and fortune can turn in a split second. Health, success, wealth, opportunity, peace, love and happiness are not "a birthright" and cannot be guaranteed. If you live in circumstances where you can access and experience these things, then you can already feel that you’ve won the lottery in comparison to millions of others, but without gratitude, you will never fully realise the true value.
Real values lie beyond a price tag. I guess that was some of the thinking behind my last blog. I see a lot of so called artists/celebrities/personalities who appear to be deeply invested in the worship and veneration of worthless values.
To me they’re like spoiled narcissistic adolescents, who believe they’re "entitled" to absolutely everything.
In the context of a world of hypnotic advertising marketing driven dumbed down consumer culture…mixed in with celebrity reality driven media…I guess it’s kind of understandable…but it’s toxic stuff. Utterly destructive and unsustainable.
Sweet Dreams are Made of This folks.