South Africa is a beautiful country…But in terms of social and economic disparity, poverty, housing and general services, unemployment, education, criminality and corruption, the Rainbow Nation has failed to deliver.
When it comes to education, training and employment opportunities, the young generation coming up have been badly let down. Those living in abject poverty seem to be no better off than they were twenty years ago, and I personally believe that the current situation is unsustainable longterm. It’s heartbreaking, because not only has the dream been shattered for millions of people who thought their lives would improve, but the challenges they now face are even more daunting than they were before. I’m reading "The Great African Society" ( A Plan for a Nation gone Astray) by Hlumelo Biko, where he outlines and analysis what went wrong.Although I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says, I think it makes for very interesting reading.