So people want to know what it’s like being on tour…and I have  tried to explain it from my perspective..However..Sometimes..Pictures speak louder than the old proverbials….
Therefore, I’m sending out a small taste of what it feels like to be on tour. Here ya go…This is what it boils down to after or before the show.
It’s either 10am, and you’re just coming in after an  overnight drive…or…. it’s 1am and you’re just coming in from  around the corner.
I have no complaints about this, and consider myself very fortunate to have spent a great deal of my time wandering down hotel corridors to find the appropriate lock to fit the key that I’ve been given at reception….HOWEVER..There are only so many crappy carpeted corridors you can take after a certain time.
Not quite sure when or if it ever normalises.
Most times I’ve wandered down corridors like these I was semi delirious in any case.

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