On 1st November Annie Lennox made a second surprise appearance inside The House Of Annie Lennox at the Victoria and Albert Museum for a live Twitter Q and A. Click the title of this story to see the full list of questions and answers.

Second Q&A Session

Q: Who is your favorite poet? Have any of your songs been inspired by that specific poetry?
A: Haven’t read any poetry for years but used to read Garcia Lorca, Lao Tsu.. E. E. Cummings, Phil Larkin.. Seigfrid Sassoon

Q: Hi Annie! Any new music in the pipeline? A new album perhaps?!? Here’s hoping!!! 🙂
A: There will be at some point

Q: Have you ever wanted to voice an animated character?
A: I’ve never thought about it until now….. but that could be really fun!

Q: Who would you like record a duet with?
A: I have no idea, who do you think I should record a duet with?

Q: Miss Lennox, which studio did you first record your first demo?
A: I have absolutely no recollection whatsoever

Q: Who would be your ideal dinner guest? Your guest can be living or dead.
A: What? Only One Guest? Oh Alright…….. George Harrison and i could ask him what he though about the new film and then we could have a jam :0)

Q: Annie, what are your thoughts on file sharing?
A: I don’t really have any views right now! It’s just all part of a great big technological soup!

Q: What are your thoughts on spiritual growth and what major life lesson have you learnt say, this past year?
A: I think it’s always in a state of transformation, nothing static, i try to stay calm and focussed whenever I can apart from that it’s pretty random

Q:  Which (if any) current or up-and-coming pop / rock artist(s) do you find the most engaging?
A: I’ve stopped following…

Q: What space or place makes you most happy?
A: I love sleeping in my bed to be honest

Q: What would you say to someone that wants to learn to play the piano? Where to begin? What’s the best "method"?
A: It would depend on their musical ability and to what level they’d like to take it A teacher is a good start, so start saving for lessons and try and find someone you like.

Q: Ever thought of acting, you are so expressive in your vids, you’d be a fine one to!
A: Yes, i thought about acting and i’d still like to explore it in a way……but i’m just so interested in so many other things and Tim Burton has still to approach me…… 🙁

Q: Marmite – love or hate it?
A: I rather like it on occasion!

First Q&A Session

Q: What type of art do you like?
A: My taste in art is very eclectic, like music, it’s really just anything that appeals to me. I just love anything I’m drawn to.

Q: When did you first realize you wanted to be a voice for women’s rights and equality?
A: I see my voice as just one among the collective..& it’s the collective voice that makes all the difference. I’ve been aware of the lack of equality for years, but I started toreally focus more on it over the last few years.

Q: What’s on your agenda in 2012 ?
A: Well..My schedule is somewhat organic, but one thing for sure will be an involvement with International Women’s Day in Spring,working with @TheSingCampaign & @UNAIDS and hopefully some recording!

Q:  How can we globally create male champions of change who understand gender equality is everyone’s issue?
A: Please send in your answers!…..mine would probably be education, education, education.

Q: What’s the single most important issue that is most important to Annie at the moment?
A: Personally, it’s about seizing the day…and keeping all the plates spinning

Q: What has been your favourite stage outfit as you have had so many quirky ones?
A: It’s very hard to pull out favourites because they all have a special place from me..I guess if I have to choose one it would be the Little Bird costume

Q: Which tracks would you pick if you were to do Desert Island Discs?!
A:  I was on Desert Island Disks a couple of years ago…!! Check it out, why don’t ya?

Q: When you cook, what do you like to fix for yourself?
A: Toast and boiled eggs.

Q: Do u believe that music can make the world better?
A:  Absolutely! I can’t imagine a world without music..music constantly makes the world a better place

Q:  If you could meet anyone past or present who would it be and what would you ask?
A: Oh that’s an interesting question..I think it would probably be Charles Dickens, because I find Victorian London quite fascinating..he’d be incredibly interesting to talk to.

Q: Who are your favorite current pop singers?
A: To be honest I don’t really listen 2 anyone current..I’ve been listening to Billy Holiday and Nina Simone recently.

Q: Does the immediate nature of today’s society help/hinder artists ability to help important causes?
A:  In my view modern technology can be used as a tremendous tool to bring about awareness and connectivity

Q: The lyrics for Thorn In My Side On display are so different! How do your songs evolve as you create them?
A: Well that’s kind of an example of a work in progress.. it’s all a question of crafting the words till they arrive at the right place.