We stand on the verge of a major turning point in human history. By 2015, together we can almost eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV as a public health problem, and dramatically cut the number of deaths worldwide due to tuberculosis and malaria. For far too long, these three diseases have killed millions of people around the world, especially in developing countries, every year. 


As a global community, we are now faced with a choice: If we help ensure that support for this life-saving work continues, future generations across the globe will be spared the tragedy of seeing a child born with HIV, watching a friend die from a mosquito bite or seeing a family member debilitated by tuberculosis. 


Today, thanks to a decade of global health leadership by the United States, millions have been saved from needless death from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Tomorrow, with continued leadership by the United States, we can work to ensure that the next generation is born HIV-free and that millions of others will be free from tuberculosis and malaria. These diseases are all preventable and treatable. 


However, if we do not raise widespread support the momentum we have already built will be lost, and we will miss this historic opportunity. 


The global community needs the United States to keep leading the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria across the world. 


We who sign this letter join the chorus of voices across the planet asking for support in the fight to turn the tide against these diseases by 2015. 


In the past century, diseases that once seemed invulnerable have been vanquished. With continued support for global health, we can do it again. It’s a fight we can win. It begins with you. 



Deepak Chopra

Enzo Cilenti

Alan Cumming

Minnie Driver

Morgan Freeman

Adam Garcia

Sienna Guillory

Michele Hicks

Djimon Hounsou

Jeremy Irons

Annie Lennox

Lori McCreary

Jaime Murray

Jason Silver

Edward Zwick



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