Only Human
When religion is tolerant, compassionate, considerate, and understanding…it has dignity, wisdom and depth.
When people use "holy books" to engender intolerance, cruelty and hatred, then we have to acknowledge that something’s gone badly wrong.
We are human. We need affirmation, guidance and support, and we seek this in all kinds of places.
But when people come out with statements like GOD HATES FAGS, or PEOPLE WHO STEAL MUST HAVE THEIR HANDS CUT OFF..then I believe they have turned to barbarism.
I read the newspapers to discover the most extraordinary things…on a small or large scale…for better or worse.
It’s all human, and usually incredibly complex.
I don’t have the answers to much, but I believe that bigotry and intolerance boils down to ignorance.
As long as whatever you/we believe in is appreciative and respectful of others, then we can all get along fairly harmoniously.
But as soon as rigid intolerance sets in, then it’s the beginning of a destructive polarisation between one belief system against the other.
The world is utterly diverse in every way. Whether environmentally or culturally.
That is part of it’s magnificent beauty.
Respect and tolerance tempers the divides, rather than pitting one against another.
Peaceful co existence between each other and the world at large is the only workable and sustainable way forwards in my view.