OK…so…In the early Nineties I purchased this sweetly inspiring recipe book..which has become like a dear old friend over the years, each time I return to it.
One of the many things I love about this book, is that it’s completely non pretentious and easy to access.
Linda McCartney presented simple/practical/straightforward vegetarian recipes that anyone could follow.
It’s evident from the book that she truly had a massive passion for delicious/nutritious food, that was simple to make.
The pages from my own copy are messily smudged and stained from whatever foodstuffs have besmirched it….Olive Oil, butter, tomato sauce, coffee, tea…whatever.
In any case…I think that’s a testimony to the caliber of it’s contents now, I’m back on cooking track again!
Can I possibly convey to you the joy of actually owning my own small brown glazed casserole pot in those early bedsit years….?
Probably not…So I won’t even try.
But it might be enough to say that ….."you know what you know, when you know that you know it"!