You may have noticed that I’m quite fond of blogging. There’s something about the possibilities of autonomous communications that interests me. I genuinely like reading other people’s thoughts and responses on infinite topics..except for the days when we have to field off the occasional comments that make you feel like you need to take a shower to be cleansed after reading them. I’m heartened by insightful intelligent posts and sometimes left reeling with the dark stuff.
I scan the newspapers every day. The thought occurs to me that perhaps it’s pointless. Perhaps I don’t need to know about what goes on outside my own bubble. Perhaps we should all just stay within our own cocoons. But I’m not made that way.
The world fascinates and repels me in fairly equal measure and I often find it challenging to stay upbeat…You may have picked that up from the odd song here and there. So this is today’s blog…Nada mas… Heading into the Xmas card list right now!