When I first started blogging a few years ago, I felt more drawn towards the issues that provoked a feeling of anger/outrage or disbelief, in response to whatever is reported on a daily basis in every newspaper across the world. Blogging offers a satisfying opportunity to vent..if needs be.
And the fact is that there are infinite subjects and topics on which to vent, on a daily, or hourly basis.
My position still maintains that the world at large is completely insane.
And I guess that my personal perspective is to try to find a way to maintain a sense of humanity, perspective, empathy, and humour throughout it all..on a daily basis.
I blog to vent. I blog to express. I blog to communicate. And I blog to connect my thoughts, feelings, responses and views.
I blog because it’s fun…and I blog because I love to write…
I blog therefore I am.