More recommended films…
If you’ve never seen GOSFORD PARK, directed by the late, great Robert Altman, then put it on top of your list next time you’re at your local DVD store.
Made in 2001, and set in the early 1900’s, it’s an insight into the relationships between landed gentry and their servants at that time, with wonderful performances from and exceptional cast, including the likes of  Dame Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Derek Jacobi and Richard E Grant.
I put Richard at the end, so I could neatly segue into WITHNAIL AND  I, which is probably one of my favourite films of all time next to Spinal Tap.
 An absolute  bloody masterpiece ..Hilarious, farcical and  tragically Shakespearean, all at the same time. have to see ZULU, featuring Michael Caine, when he was dashingly at the cut of his  own edge. It’s an epic, on a grand scale, made before digitalisation and computerised technology.
Ps.. One day I want to sing with an  Black American Gospel Choir in the back row, or right in the middle…For THAT I could almost become a believer!