Okay okay! If there is one man on this planet that you most likely don’t know….Memorise his name! MICHEL SIDIBE..that’s right! MEE…SHELL…SEE..DEE..BAY! Remember..! Don’t forget! Because..THIS man gets it!…..He gets the whole nine yards … and some!
For those of you who don’t already know….MICHEL SIDIBE is the director of UNAIDS, and he is committed to making the difference!
For those of us who know and love him…we BOW in love and and respect for him!
Michel is one of the most inspirational individuals I have ever met. He works tirelessly to create positive transformation and change wherever he goes…and I love him so much for that.
He is exemplary..noble..innovative…..committed…visionary..reliable…..trustworthy..and unique!
An AIDS activist of the highest order..!!!
You wanna find out about the folks at the epicentre of making a difference??? Start with him….