Help the Elton John AIDS Foundation to end AIDS! Visit to find out more. #LoveIsInMyBlood!

About Love Is In My Blood:
Love is in my blood is a symbol – celebrities are pricking their fingers to get the attention of the world about this issue and show solidarity with over 30m people living with HIV. The aim with the campaign is NOT to get everyone to prick their finger but rather to get the world thinking about the problem and to show their solidarity by retweeting our messages. Our compassion is what will stop 2.6m people becoming infected with HIV, and 1.8m people dying of AIDS each year.

IMPORTANT: HIV is transmitted through sexual intercourse and contaminated blood. It’s essential NEVER to share needles, razors, or any equipment that draw blood and always use condom protection
during sex.

About the Elton John AIDS Foundation:

The Elton John AIDS Foundation is one of the largest private funding institutions for AIDS in the world.
In 20 years, it has raised over £193m ($300m) to support more than 1,200 projects across four continents. Funding has helped leverage a further £228m ($355m) for programme partners, enabling them to reach millions of people infected, affected or at risk of HIV.

During 2012, the Foundation’s support enabled over 150,000 people living with HIV to start medical treatment, and promoted HIV testing to 2.3m people.

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