Living in the UK, we’re exposed to some fairly capricious weather. I always suspected it had something to do  with Britain being an island, but I’ve just learned that it actually has more to do with the position of the aforesaid land mass in relation to a massive circular air current,  permanently revolving around the globe at tremendous speed, way up in the sky above our heads. When this wind stream develops a kink, it can bring freezing Arctic wind down to cover our green and pleasant land with snow and ice. And at some point there’s always a clash of weather systems, to do with the Atlantic Ocean or something…… any case…the BBC explained it far better than I understood it!
But what really is relevant here, is that there is actually a physical reason why British weather is so damnably stroppy. It’s not just a random occurrence, or some Karmic payback for the dreadful deeds Colonialism!
So…Come to Britain, by all means, but do remember to take a brolly, just in case.
You’ll like it here! Especially from indoors.