Just to say "thankyou" for sending in your comments…
I must emphasise that I like sharing my pics. They’re just simple observations taken randomly when I’m suddenly drawn towards something I find interesting. No claim to anything mas!
I’ve been taking a break over the last few weeks. Unplugging while the rest of the world continues without me!
Mass starvation in parts of Africa.. Amy Winehouse passing away…(the current post mortem report says no illegal substances were found) .. A second Royal wedding.. Gaddafi’s compound abandoned with no sign of the aforesaid "great leader of the nation"…Leaders coming in, leaders going out.. The economy in downslide.."Whoops, here we go"! Riots across England… Another UN building bombed…The mass slaughter atrocity in Norway, waged by ONE crazed individual..The White House evacuated …Hurricane!
Just a few issues to take into acccount…What do you do? Stick your head in the sand and hope the monsters go away?? Stick your head in the sand and have a conversation with God..hoping that you really do have a connection to a higher power that’s listening, and just WAITING for you to make…that…call…" Please God"! " I’ll eat all my greens if you’ll make it stop"! ( private contract between you and the higher power).
Cut to..
What do you make of this terrible taste that dicators always seem to have in furniture and clothing???!!! Oh…. and "golf buggies"! THE Modus operandus de rigur de transportus for VERY important people that absolutely have to be bowed and scraped to! A gold plated golf buggy, with diamond encrusted bling body work..There ya go gansta guys…You caught it here!

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