While I’m on the subject of things that make your teeth hurt by just thinking about them..Here are some sweet pink meringues to make you really feel your nerves tingle!
As a kid, this kind of stuff made me wild like Honey Boo Boo child…(Well not exactly )..but I know you know what I mean dearies!
In the 1960’s Scottish National Health dentists loved to gas, chip and drill into children’s decayed molars.
One of my earliest memories is of the distinctly disturbing smell of a black rubber gas mask being placed over my mouth and nose, accompanied soon after by vivid dreams of a psychedelic Micky Mouse on a garden swing going back and fore…back and fore..in time to the sound of a very distant electric drill buzzing far away in the background of my head.
I guess my intake of chocolate, meringues, toffee apples, boiled sweets, gum drops, liquorice, candy bars, toffee, sherbet etc..etc..all contributed to my very typical set of rotten Scottish teeth..ransacked annually by Mr Gourdie.
"Just take a sip of this mouthwash and spit into the sink dear"!