I’ve been spending a bit of time looking back on the past, in terms of recordings, videos and tours. I spent so much time involved with one or the all of these things, as well as having  rehearsals, meetings,  photographic sessions, interviews for print and radio..etc that I haven’t actually got a massive recall of much of it in terms of  times and places. It’s interesting looking back to realise that you’ve worked incredibly hard at something that was never guaranteed to succeed, but you somehow carried on. Dave Stewart and I were part of another band called The Tourists, before we’d created  the notion of Eurythmics. We actually released three albums, and toured across the UK, the USA and Australia. I can’t remember us touring in Europe..but maybe I’m having an early Alzheimers onset…I DO remember The Tourists playing in one totally mad summer festival in Finland in the rain, especially when the empty vodka bottle narrowly missed my head..and I’m pretty sure we must have played in the Paradiso in Amsterdam..Oh God..It’s all just one great big blur!!!
The reason I’m mentioning this is that many things are far from an overnight success..in fact, I’d hazard a guess that few things actually are.
A lot of blood sweat and tears goes into most attempts to create…and any success or recognition seems miraculous.
That’s why you have to love what you do for the right reasons…and not for the flimsy notion of a pot of gold at the end of it.
Views on personal success or failure????