I’ve been reading your responses to my last couple of blogs with interest, as I always do. Everyone has their own thoughts and perspectives about the world around and inside themselves…Fascinating stuff!

I realise that I need to be engaged and active with the things that create a certain kind of passion and drive in me, as a human being ( nothing new there!). 

It’s obvious that my gender influences my world view. The cruelty, disrespect, abuse and exploitation of women and girls for centuries is something I resonate with at the deepest level. 
It cuts across race, culture, or social/economic position. One of the reasons I tend to "rail" about the world of consumer celebrity is that I get frustrated and repulsed by the dominant culture of ignorance, narcism, arrogance and greed…The dumbed down values the vacuous idiocy of it all. We’re so much more resourced than we realise. Not only materially, but also with ideas and connections. If you ask yourself..what can I do? It’s a great place to start from..
Everybody can do something.. In terms of misogyny and abuse, the worst thing that can happen is apathy and indifference…
Meantime, I have more work to do..tomorrow’s going to be a busy day!