It has been noted that I have "opinions".. Well..As it happens..Yes…I do..I have opinions and I have a blog. No one needs to agree with my opinions or read my blog…And if they do happen to read it,they might just stumble upon one or two opinions. That’s just the nature of the pizza. Capiche?? ( can’t you just tell I’m channelling Tony Soprano now?!) Short pause to rest from side splitting laughter….So… Moving swiftly on from psychology and plastic surgery to another subject…How many people take the time to read the labels on the bottles? Does the packaging count for anything at all? Are you suckered in by the careful real fruit pieces.. or whatever etc.. There needs to be a bona fide guide to reading the wording on the containers.. And a magnifying glass to read the small print. What’s safe in any case? What are your opinions… Never mind mine (Lennox blasted)!!!