Hoping not to sound too much like a cringeworthy cliche, I have to say that a sudden rainbow sighting is still a magical experience for me. This past year seems to have been filled with uncertainty, division, tragedy and violence. I think a lot of people are feeling overwhelmed and despairing…and not without reason.So many situations seem to be unsolvable. It’s painful to be aware of how tenuous everything actually is, and to feel impotent when it comes to bringing about peaceful, sustainable solutions.
On the 1st day of January 2017, I’d like to send thanks and appreciation to everyone who’s checked out my Instagram, Facebook and ‘The House of Me’ websites.
Thank you for your thoughtful and humorous comments. I’m sending you a spectacular rainbow for the New Year..
It’s ephemeral, temporary and breathtakingly beautiful. It can’t be bought or sold. It’s mysterious and untouchable.
Hope it lifts your spirits and gives you a warm glow to head into 2017!