The fact that Desmond Tutu is being accused in this way goes way  beyond any kind of sane rational.
The idiots who do so, ( shamefully ) reveal their own bigoted limitations.
We must absolutely take a stand, and show our cohesive support for a man who has consistently exemplified compassion and tolerance under the most challenging circumstances throughout his entire life.
Bishop Tutu is an arbiter of empathy, understanding and goodwill for the entire world. His values are completely founded in these values and ethics.
For such an exemplary/lifelong campaigner for human rights/ peace and justice to be accused as being “anti Semitic” is completely ludicrous and outrageous.
Bishop Desmond Tutu is an exemplary man of peace.
I urge you to express your support, and sign onto this campaign asap.
Annie Lennox
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In Defence of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu
Desmond Tutu has recently been labeled an "anti-semite" and a "bigot" by people who disagree with his criticisms of government policy. There are also calls for him to be removed as a Patron of the Cape Town Holocaust Centre. Please sign this petition in support of Tutu:
Tutu has publicly criticized Israeli policy towards Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank. He has also criticized Palestinian attacks on Israeli civilians. During the anti-apartheid struggle Tutu took a principled stand by participating in non-violent struggle. He also supported sanctions against the apartheid state but was publicly and persistently critical of the armed struggle of the ANC whose work he supported. He has embodied the lessons of the Holocaust throughout his life and it is important that he gets our support.
Please join this petition