I posted my last blog in a state of distress. A friend had posted me an article from a South Africa about another brutal attack on a young girl, and my reaction was to send it out there, as I was so disturbed and troubled by it. My blog was a way of responding to it, as I felt there was little else I could do.I regard myself as a world citizen. Whatever I hear or read about the stuff happening every day on the planet has an affect on me. I’m not immune to it, and I don’t want to be.
The photograph of the young man standing with freshly bloodied hands in a London street affects me. The photograph of a child dying from hunger or a random explosion in any part of the world affects me. I’m not naïve, and I’m not blind. There are no simple solutions to any of it. I’ve been blogging for quite a few years now. Sometimes I post soft, fluffy humorous blogs, and sometimes I’m a bit more provocative…What I’ve realised is that other people’s opinions are diverse/polarised and divided. I can never persuade anyone to concur with me, and I have no interest in pursuing that in any case.
I have often been breath taken by the ugliness of nasty posts, and just as often been impressed by how wonderfully articulate and intelligent people can be.
And in that lies a metaphor for the bigger picture. At the end of the day… violence is simply horrendous …whatever perspective or justification is taken.