I love blogging… It’s absolutely one of my favourite things..Why? Because I can express and share my perspectives, and get instant feedback from anywhere in the globe!
I’m absolutely fascinated by what people have to say, and am often blown away by the what folks write.
Unfortunately I can’t respond too often, otherwise I’d have to spend most of my time sitting at my computer…So here’s what I’m going to do to challenge you to excel your blogging selves…
Starting today I’m going to feature my favourite response to every blog I write.. If you can identify which country you’re sending it from that would be lovely too.. So here goes..
My favourite blog for yesterdays post was sent by Nadia Pheiffer.. (who I assume is from South Africa..right Nadia?)

"Nadia Pheiffer : South Africa disbanded the Sex Crimes Unit around six years ago. Cultural practices like ‘Labolla’ are still on-going today. There is a saying ‘why sell the cabbage before you have tasted it yourself’. Social services are in the hands of part privately funded orginisations with police power. So on the one hand the middle class lives under a Calvinistic tyranny while child rape in other communites continues as if ignored. It would need a three pronged approach, EDUCATION to break cultural beliefs on the worth of women, POLICING where funding and specialists are made available, the COURT system needs to be made victim friendly ( children are verbally attacked by defending attorny’s ) and the pendulum swing towards Fathers rights in the 80’s needs to settle somewhere in the middle. In South Africa, a Father who rapes his own baby does not lose his control over the child in terms of visitation, right of travel, name change etc. 10% of court cases get to trial, 1% of these get a conviction. People who work in the field are often traumatised and weary with the numbers so high yet the capacity to make a difference so low. The rate is much higher than every 27 seconds, fact. I would go as far to say that up to 90% of females and ? men have been sexually abused in some way. Lack of jobs mean that many women would not survive if they were to leave an abusive situation and so they stay, at least they and the children can eat. Incredible with the highest stats in the world, the stigma surrounding even opening this discussion is high and victims who do speak are marginalised. THANK YOU FOR OPENING THIS DISCUSSION the new generation of youth desperately need their icons and role models to show the way"

in response to: https://www.facebook.com/annielennox/posts/414392521979375