I know..I know..I know…I’ve been lacking, but I ain’t bin slacking!
Ask me a question…Am I tired? The correct answer is…"Lawd Yes"!
I’m tired but I’m satisfied ma peeps!!!
So ..Just in case you thought that I’d disappeared  off this erstwhile planet, I just want to share with you where I’ve been, and what I’ve been doing with my time here on this earth.
I kind of just burn through it, and then I come back to roost, and there’s this inordinate pile of backlog going eek!..eek!…eek….!! Reply Respond Reply Respond!!
In any case…Here’s a little poem with a Brooklyn accent that some of you may already be familiar with..

Spring is sprung
Da grass is riz
I wonder where dem boidies iz
Da little boids is on da wing
Ain’t dat absoid
I always thought da wings was on da boid

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Aid To Zimbabwe Fundraising Dinner, Feb 2011

Malawi, Feb 2011 – Scotland Special Envoy to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Malawi, Feb 2011 – Scotland Special Envoy to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

On The Andrew Marr Show, BBC1 for the media review and speaking about Interntional Women’s Day (Click here to watch)

With Huey Morgan on BBC6 Music. I joined Huey every Sunday for 6 weeks as part of a "Sharing Is Caring" segment, discussing some of my favourite tracks and issues surrounding women’s rights. Click here to listen

Releasing white doves at the Women For Women, Join Me On The Bridge event celebrating the 100th International Women’s Day on 08.03.11 . www.womenforwomen.org

Launching EQUALS March 2011, a partnership of leading charities brought together by me to step-up the call to demand a more equal world. www.weareequals.org

Speaking after the Join Me On The Bridge event, Southbank , London (Click here to watch)

We Are Equals Soul Train, Dancing For Equality after the Join Me On The Bridge event, International Women’s Day 2011

EQUALS Live, Women Of The World Festival , Southbank Center, London.

Meeting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the annual Commonwealth Day Observance ceremony to mark Commonwealth Day on 14 March, the theme ‘Women as Agents of Change’.

Speaking at the Commonwealth Day Observance ceremony.

With Members of the Scottish Parliament wearing SING campaign t-shirts after reporting back to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Scotland Branch (CPA SB) on findings from the visit to Malawi with Presiding Officer Alex Fergusson. Click here to watch the 30min film I presented

Performing ‘Universal Child’ for Red Nose Day (Click here to watch)

Performing at the Oxfam Curiosity Shop launch at Selfridges, London

With Livia and Colin Firth at the Oxfam Curiosity Shop launch.