Like a gazillion other people, I feel stunned by the news that David Bowie has departed this earth. 
At the loss of someone who has impacted and influenced your life, you can hardly begin to measure the shape of what’s left behind.
Our personal and collective inner landscape has shifted and we’re trying to come to terms with it.
No one exists forever and it seems our elegant gentleman was well aware that his last mortal chapter was about to reach it’s conclusion.
“Blackstar” was his parting gift.
Provocative and nightmarishly “otherworldly”… we are jolted towards the twilight realms of epileptic seizures and voodoo scarecrows.
The bejewelled remains of Major Tom lie dormant in a dust coated space suit…
It leaves me breathless.
You must see it to believe it…
He knew…
He could see through it all.