I can be a little obscure with my humour…It’s just my sensibility. Sometimes it might not always translate easily into words on a blog..ie..the intention/inflection can be misread. I hope I haven’t upset anyone if ever it seems a bit " off"..but that’s never what I intend. I just see the little twists in things that might often be overlooked.. So here’s a butterfly brooch to make amends to those I unintentionally offend..
If you stick your head above the parapet..the sh..t that flies might stick my friends…
I want my blog to be a friendly place, with interesting exchanges of ideas..There’s no formula… I just write what comes into my head..
Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s outraged…thought provoking, reflective, inspired, melancholic, quirky , beautiful, insightful, observant…whatever…It’s my blog in my own particular way… I blog because I am!