Scotland is a relatively small country in terms of physical /global size. But in terms of resonance of historic/cultural influence, this small country has been somewhat significant in global terms.
I speak not only  as one who was born and bred in the aforesaid terra firma….but also as a person who yearned to go beyond the boundaries of parochial definitions, and in so doing, it didn’t mean that I cancelled out the DNA that resonates within my bones…nuances of speech or otherwise.
I am Scottish in every sense…I honour my inheritance, and pay tribute to it. Whether I’ve spent the majority of my life elsewhere or not.
But being Scottish doesn’t "totally" define me. And neither should it.
I consider myself  to be a citizen of the world.
We are all citizens of the world, whether we realise it or not.
My heart beats in tempo with my Scottish upbringing, as well as extending towards it’s connection with every other human being and culture on the planet.
What a beautiful and enriching thing this is.
 I love and appreciate other cultures.
They don’t threaten me.
 They inspire and enrich  me.
I value and respect each of our unique cultural and societal  expressions of existence.
It enriches my life to see things this way.
No one has to be an "enemy" just  because they are "different" to my own limited viewpoint.
I believe that this restrictive and limited concept/dogma lies at the heart of  all religious/societal/political /global dischord.
It’s not rocket science…
Do I think there’s a simple solution?
Absolutely not….
Do I think there’s any point in existence?
Vat do I know?
 A gal’s gotta do vat a gal’s gotta do….
Thus spake Zarathustra folks!